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News: webshop urkornhof- a team performance of AxCMS and MD Premium

Urkornhof is a court in Upper Austria. They have a high standard on quality on all their products – as well as their webshop. The webshop of yobene was taken, because of the user-friendly content management system AxCMS and the enterprise resource planning system MD Premium. Look and see at www.urkornhof.at!

News: Vienna´s teleheating takes yomobile inventory to inventory the safety installations

In case of emergency everyone is awake of the importance of safety installations.  In case of necessity everything has to be on the right place and to work perfectly. Therefore continuous and comprehensible controls and services of all safety installations are of prime importance. While constructing the new waste incineration plant Pfaffenau in Vienna they decided to take a forward-looking technology: yomobile inventory!

News: yomobile inventory – the solution of inventory

It has never been so easy to administrate the inventory! Yomobile inventory makes it easy for you to detect and control your equipment. Simply brand your equipment with bar code or RFID-labels. All necessary information is saved in a central data base. With yomobile inventory you can use all advantages of email reports and mobile hand-held scanners.

yowatch-  the product for your it-security

All products of yowatch focus on security of your IT. Server crashes, hacker attacks, virus attack or other similar problems have the possibility to be unpleasant and cost-intensive. To focus on the well-being of your IT we offer you client- or 24/7-serverwatch.  To keep you in the loop we offer you reports and our client portal.

news: yobene is now certificated to VMware Sales Professional.

To provide a better support for your decision on virtualization products by the market leader VMware, we are now certificated to VMware Sales Professional.

news: yobene is now a Microsoft Small Business Specialist.

As a Microsoft Small Business Specialist we now possess the proven qualification and are integrated in the goal-orientated campaigns by Microsoft through further education and support. You will get an professional expert on your side who is able to adjust your it-infrastructure to your business structure and specific requierements.

news: xt-Commerce Webshop for elektro4you.

yobene has built a xt-commerce webshop with automatical connection to the ERP system MD-Premium for the electro store Elektro4you in Lower Austria: shop.elektro4you.eu

news: xt-Commerce webshop for fotoholub.

yobene has built a xt-commerce webshop with automatical connection to the ERP system MD-Premium for the photo store fotoholub in Vienna: shop.fotoholub.at

News: igel is now available at yobene.

IGEL Thin Clients provide a high-class security niveau. Smartcard-reader/ -writer are supported by all models; in the majority of cases they are already integrated. The IGEL Remote Management Suite, which is included in delivery, enables a comfortable administration and also provides a high degree of flexibility.

news: Astaro is now available at yobene.

The multiple awarded Unified-Threat-Management-Appliance Astaro Security Gateway integrates network protection, webfilter and email security in combination with an intuitive, web-based management interface. The solution consists of four modular components: the base license Network Protection and three optional security modules: Web Filtering, Email Filtering and Email Encryption.

news: Constantinus Award 2007

yobene GesmbH was nominated in the category start-up companies with the project "Neuausrichtung Fertigung Haas Profile Znaim" at the Constantinus Award 2007. More information at http://www.constantinus.net/.

news: productivity increased by 78%.

Within 6 months Haas Profile s.r.o. was able to achieve the turnaround by increasing productivity by 78% and sales by 60% as well as by reducing the stock turnover by 50%. These increadibly improvements were a result of the project "Neuausrichtung der Fertigung" under direction by yobene GesmbH. "We don't see us just as a classical mentor, but we also interfere in the management.", describes Wolfgang Waldhäusl the secret of this success.

news von silicon.de

BGH: Googles Bildersuche verletzt Urheberrechte nicht
Das hat der Bundesgerichtshof im Streit zwischen Google und dem Betreiber einer Porno-Seite entschieden. Der hatte geklagt, weil Bilder aus dem passwortgeschützten Bereich seiner Seite in Googles Bildersuche auftauchten. Die hatte sie auf frei zugänglichen Seiten Dritter gefunden und als Vorschaubilder angezeigt.
EU will “wirksame Besteuerung” der digitalen Wirtschaft
Steuerschlupflöcher und Wachstumshindernisse soll es nach der Steuerreform der EU nicht mehr geben. Die Kommission strebt auch nach einer weltweiten Neuregelung.
Strg+Alt+Entf: Bill Gates’ späte Reue
Der Klammergriff hat alle PC-Nutzer unterworfen, doch es hätte alles so viel einfacher sein können. Bill Gates bereut heute öffentlich die Tastenkombination.
Amazon will Empfehlungsalgorithmus für “Wird oft zusammen gekauft” überdenken
Beim Kauf einer der erforderlichen Komponenten für eine Bombe, wie sie bei den jüngsten Anschlägen in der Londoner U-Bahn verwendet wurde, hat Amazon weiteren Bedarf für Bombenbauer empfohlen. Das ist dem britischen Sender Channel 4 News war aufgefallen. Die Produkte an sich sind legal und handelsüblich.
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